About Us

I have been doing this for 4 years and have gain the respect of my clients,I have been some health issues but still managed to help most of my customers out.

Now that i am past this health issue problem i'm moving forward to help people make a choice on cutting costs and saving money.In my site i have a great deals page which i will be adding to on a regular basis to show people what deals are around to order or to get in there city.



Why i started this venture in android boxes.I began this because i think people should have a total media center and not be worried about the cost of things,Whith all the apps out there for android and IPTV and Kodi you should have the complete package.

My Goals


My Goal is to make everyone aware that Android boxes are sold every where you just have to be careful that you don't get ripped off by someone and pay alot of money and find out 3 months later that the box doesn't work anymore. I also want to make people aware there are better options then cable.

My Service


My service is top rated because i look after my customers if you have a problem i don't run from it i make sure i solve it head on ,I'll phone you to see if i can fix it or you can bring it to me.I believe people need to use the product i sell them and not have a head ache trying to get it fixed


My Recommendation is the following if your looking to get an android box and its not from me please do your research.Find the best one not always the cheapest one.

Boost your internet download speed from your provider this will make sure that the box is running at top speed.

And if you buy a box some where else ask them about their support if your paying to get the box reloaded or fixed in anyway find out what they are charging me myself i don't charge to fix the software in your android box and if its a hardware problem i see if its past the year then i give you some ideas to go threw.

Please don't get caught by these people that are out to make you pay over and over.