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The Older Pivos

The New Pivos

Important Message to Everyone with either one of these boxes

If you own these boxes just to let you know Mashup is completely gone now!!!

Now i know this is bad for people but Kodi will have something better than mashup backup there before you know it

so please just sit tight and let them work on what they need to do

Latestest News

I know it has been a crazy few months for everyone with the older boxes especially

But i want to take the time to thank everyone for taking the time to bring thier boxes to me for me to reprogram

Because my theory is if i sold you the box i want you to use it to the full extent.

Thank you again and i hope everyone had a happy Hollidays


Changes that XBMC are going threw

First of i would like to tell the team of Kodi who bought XBMC out that for the little time you have been in control you have done an awsome job.

Second 1 Channel keeps going off line because Kodi is upgrading it for new features so please be patient that is why i have installed Genisus on the box so you dont miss out on your entertainment.

And i have also installed 8 more addons for you to use.


Anyone with the older Pivos

With the older pivos you will not get 1 channel anymore because they run an earlier version of XBMC. Now if you call me and are good with moving around the box i will guide you to install 8 more addons that will allow you to run all your movies and Tv shows. SO Please Call

If you want to drop the box off with me ill redo it with all these addons in it just call me or txt me to find out my address.