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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

First off i would like to take the time to let everyone know that the version 3 of the pivos is coming out.

This will be exciting for me because it is suppose to be twice as fast as version 2

With Kodi at 14.2 in most of the boxes i have sold either version 1 or version 2 and things running smoother than they ever have


Latestest News

I will be taking down the old site of version 1 because it will no longer be needed with everyone into kodi and i will be putting up a new site for the version 3 when it comes out


Changes for Kodi and Addons

There has been alot of changes in the kodi software and with addons growing so big.

Its only going to get better as they add in more hd live tv and more secure addons like Genesis and pheonix and prime wire



Anyone with the older Pivos

If you have the older box namely version 1 or 2 and would like to sell it to someone or give it to them, just let the people you give the box to to let me know and i will gladly still put them under your software protection that means i will still completely look after the box for the life time of it.


Preventative Maintaince

on your boxes please follow this link below that will show you a video on how to clear your cache and delete your packages on the box.

deleting your packages and clearing your cache